Elder care can be stressful for both the elder and the family. The biggest worry for seniors is losing their independence.

Christina is a certified classical homeopath who focuses on homeopathy for seniors and their very special needs.

Elder care stress can occur in one of two ways. Seniors attempting to manage their lives with diminishing levels of independence experience stress. Alternately, caregivers in charge of seniors who can no longer manage every aspect of their lives experience exhaustion and stress. In both cases the challenges they face are similar.

Caring for our Elders

Caring for our Elders

Deciding the care that is needed is often a challenge for the senior and the caregiver.

Before making major decisions related to the care of a senior, caregivers should present a hypothetical scenario to themselves and weigh the long-term effects of the decision.

I learned a lot from my grandmother about the importance of listening to our elders. She was a big part of my life from my birth until her death in her late 90s. I visited her daily when she lived nearby, and at least annually when we were far apart. As her health declined I found it was most important to her to be listened to without judgment. She had so much to teach me about the world, its history and my family and I valued her stories.

Homeopathy is like this for the elderly. We listen carefully to what our elders tell us so that we can assist them in their later years. We care not only for the elder person in a family but for the family members as well as they deal with the stress and emotional challenges of watching their parent or grandparent age.

Seniors and Elders – Patients’ Needs

Often the pathology in an elderly patient has progressed to where conventional treatment is no longer effective; homeopathy seeks not to treat the pathology but rather the symptoms it creates. We work to alleviate pain, fear and anxiety surrounding long standing chronic issues. This includes assisting elders in their approach to end of life. Our elders and their family caregivers can be extremely frightened of death and it is with warmth and grace that we provide homeopathic remedies that help ease the fear as we approach this inevitability. With some elder patients we seek only to relieve superficial challenges such as feeling worse from cold, worse in the mornings or worse at night. Sometimes we work to alleviate behavioral challenges such as being demanding or suspicious.

Elders may need more time and effort than other patients expect or require.

Many of them cannot come to our office and we offer to see them in their own homes or nursing care facility. Treatment is individualized to the elder and his or her family members and is given with respect and support.