Homeopathic remedies are alternative medicines that treat illness in a gentle, noninvasive, and natural manner. They have been scientifically formulated over hundreds of years. Homeopathy is a highly individualized healing modality that can provide many benefits.

We treat all people, however our expertise resides in these segments:

Adults Children and Teens Elders

We also provide assistance for our military and their families, especially those dealing with PTSD.

Homeopathy can provide

  • Relief from long-term discomfort from arthritis, asthma, backache, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, warts, cysts, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, headaches, neuralgia
  • Relief from “Never well since” situations such as post-surgery complaints, abortion, miscarriage, childbirth, loss and grief
  • Better energy and increased mental clarity
  • Assistance with mood and eating disorders
  • Women’s wellness
  • Teen and child support

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