“I have known and worked with Christina for several years now. She has led me on a journey of incredible healing of which I did not think was possible. I had suffered a head and neck injury which had caused me to live in severe, chronic pain for the previous 5 years and of which I expected to be lifelong companion. more

JC-1I had previously undergone many treatments, including multiple surgeries, PT, laser therapy, IMS, muscle activation, pain management with narcotics, chiropractic and massage therapies, and while these together helped, nothing had allowed me to gain a semblance of a normal life, until I started seeing Christina. Under her dedicated care, I was able to completely come off of all medications, resume part time work, and become a mother, all things I didn’t think were possible. I now experience infrequent episodes of manageable pain, all of which can be managed with homeopathy.

JC-2Christina has been tremendous in being available to help day or night, with quick responses to either email or phone messages. I can’t begin to express the gratitude I feel for the positive changes Christina has allowed to become possible in my life. In addition to relying on Christina’s expert care to keep my health excellent, I frequently consult her regarding my 15 months old sons growing pains. Christina addresses my concerns from teething pain and gas to common illnesses and crankiness. I always get a fast and comprehensive response. I am extremely grateful that I have such an amazing resource, and a means of helping my son grow without relying on over the counter medications.” (JC, May 2012)

“We had the great fortune to connect with Christina over a year ago. Since that time, she has provided our family with homeopathic treatments of both a constitutional and acute nature. more

From our perspective, the ideal health practitioner possesses several key attributes: genuine empathy and compassion; comprehensive knowledge of practice and familiarity with related modalities of care; effective communication, including the ability to listen well and respond promptly; careful attention to detail and thoroughness in gathering information about and analyzing a patient’s case; sufficient humility, open-mindedness, and intellectual curiosity to welcome research, acquired by a patient, about a specific health concern. Lucky for her clients, Christina is the superlative embodiment of each of these qualities.

One example of the excellent quality of care Christina provides is the constitutional treatment she has prescribed for our young son. His case involves inflammation, on one of his cheeks, caused by a pilomatrixoma (i.e., benign follicular tumor) and a speech delay. Together with the information she gleaned from our extensive intake consult via Skype, Christina fielded multiple follow-up e-mails from us and incorporated all new information into her analysis. Because homeopathy is energy medicine that helps the body to heal itself gently and gradually from within, a constitutional homeopath must commit herself long-term to regular dialogue with a patient in order for him to achieve maximum benefit from treatment. Suffice it to say, Christina checks in with us regularly to monitor our son’s progress. Within just a few weeks of beginning treatment, the pilomatrixoma evolved from a concentrated crimson to a more diffuse redness, which continues to dissipate. It is worth noting that two pediatric dermatologists whom we consulted each recommended invasive plastic surgery should the inflammation worsen. Naturally, we are delighted by his steady improvement. The same can be said of his speech, which blossomed dramatically in the weeks and months following his first dose of remedy.

Most recently, Christina provided compassionate acute care for pregnancy-related swelling and positioning of our baby girl, within the womb. She even provided multiple contact numbers, should the need arise for us to reach out to her for an on-call acute consult during our natural childbirth. We value Christina’s care above any that we receive from allopathic practitioners because it is far more personalized and comprehensive. The regular and in-depth nature of our communication with Christina (i.e., discussion of matters related to physical and emotional wellness) has led us to view her as more than just a provider, but also a partner, in our health care.” (DE & BE, May 2012)

“I’ve been working with Christina for about 9 months now on very old and irritating chronic knee pain. Nothing has helped until we started working on it with homeopathy. more

I can almost forget it was ever a problem. Leg cramps and restless leg are much better too. I’m definitely sticking with homeopathy and Christina. I especially like how powerful it is without any harmful side effects. I can’t explain how it works, but I sure enjoy the benefits.” (CL, May 2012)

“Happy to share my experience! I came to Christina Richmond about 4 months ago seeking an alternative approach to addressing a chronic cough I had been living with for over 3 years. The cough had worsened post my open heart surgery in 2009. It was debilitating. more

I approach my health as a partner in health and seek professionals that can respect my choices of blending traditional and alternative care. This was my first time seeking care from a Homeopathic practitioner. Christina offered an initial phone consultation and gave an extensive background on how Homeopathic care works. I started in November 2010. There was a very thorough review of my history. I have a variety of health issues and at times have been overwhelmed by them. Christina’s ability to take in the varied and complicated aspects of my health history, synthesize that information and articulate back to me the treatment plan for my specific care was remarkable. She does this with a kind, gentle and compassionate approach that is comforting and reassuring.

I very much appreciate Christina’s ability to respect my own style of how I approach my health care, which is a blend of traditional and alternative medicine mixed with my own knowledge of my body. She works in conjunction, integratively with traditional medical aspects and protocols that are part of my care. She has been completely available to me to address questions that arise as I began the homeopathic remedy process. I am happy to share that my progress has been substantial. My husband and I have seen marked improvement in my coughing patterns and reduction in coughing and believe that the homeopathic treatment is contributing to my overall health and increased stamina. I am continuing the homeopathic care and I am very grateful for the opportunity of working with Christina Richmond. I recommend Christina because of her unique blend of knowledge and ability to work integratively and within the parameters of the patients’ choices as a partner. She is delightful to work with and cares deeply about her patients.” (JS, March 2011)

“Christina Richmond is one of the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated health care practitioners I have had the pleasure to work with. more

I sought out her expertise because I was suffering from an eczema rash that was so itchy, I was only getting a few hours of sleep every night. The remedy she prescribed started to work immediately, and it was not long before I was sleeping and well on my way to a full recovery. Thank you Christina!” (DS, July 2010)