Social Media Help for Homeopaths

Having a web presence is essential nowadays. Some basics of a good site that will help increase SEO (“search engine optimization,” or the placement of your listing when folks search Google or Yahoo or others) are:

Make it clear the clients you want

  • Focus on three key customers

KISS: Keep it short (and simple) silly

  • Less is more
  • All the important stuff ¬†should be “above the fold” (the screen area that your prospects see when they first go to your home page without clicking or scrolling down)

Be the expert

  • Include a picture of yourself and a brief description of your background

Include a “Call-to-action”

  • A large section of your “above the fold” home page should ask the visitor to call you or click to join your newsletter or both!

Help from someone down the path

I’ve been walking the path of developing my own web presence for a few years and come from a professional background in marketing. ¬†There are many pitfalls along the road. If you are a budding homeopath and would like professional assistance I can help you get started with:

  • a Facebook page
  • a Twitter page
  • a LinkedIn profile

I have packages available that include the above and, if needed, can include creating a logo and website. These last two are referred to inexpensive but very professional colleagues. Please call if I can be of assistance.

Call 303-241-9558 or email