The Proven Benefits of Homeopathic Arnica

There is nothing like the timely and appropriate use of arnica to remind one of the power of homeopathy. Used for centuries by Native Americans and early settlers in Europe, arnica has most commonly been used for treating wounds, bruising and inflammation. But the list of benefits from arnica is much, much longer than bruising and inflammation. It is useful for a speedy recovery after surgery, overusing muscles in an intense workout, a sprained extremity, pain from childbirth and head injury as well as many other things.

Taking a homeopathic dilution of arnica may help ease muscle soreness, according to a 2003 study of 82 marathon runners. In a 2002 study of 79 adults with mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee, researchers observed a significant decrease in pain and stiffness—as well as an improvement in function—among those who used arnica gel twice daily for six weeks. Another study, published in 2007 and involving 204 people with osteoarthritis of the hand, showed that arnica gel lessened pain and improved hand function as effectively as ibuprofen.

Taking a homeopathic dilution of arnica may slightly reduce postoperative swelling, according to a 2006 study of 227 adults undergoing arthroscopy. And arnica can assist greatly after surgery to reduce pain and swelling. In a 2007 study of 190 adults having their tonsils removed, scientists discovered that those taking a homeopathic dilution of arnica had a small but significant decrease in pain compared to patients assigned to a placebo. Finally, a 2002 study of 37 people undergoing surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome found that taking a homeopathic dilution of arnica and applying arnica ointment also produced a significant decrease in post-surgery pain. In my practice I have seen first hand the benefit of arnica after surgery. A client of mine underwent a hip replacement and took a high-potency homeopathic dilution of arnica. She had received pain medication only in IV during surgery. Several hours after the surgery, with no more pain medication requested, her nurse was astonished to find that she didn’t need anything for the pain because she had none!

There is no study on the effects of arnica for trauma after birth nor can I find one on the benefits of arnica on head injury. An Indian colleague is suggesting a scientific study of the effect of arnica on head injuries and states that he “treated more than 20 patients of various types of trauma with varying component of brain injury with arnica Montana… Some patients under went surgical management. Irrespective of the primary management, the result appeared to be better than my previous experience. This may contain significant element of bias which justifies the need for a randomized blinded study with specific objectives in mind such as end-point recovery time, relative difference in peri-lesional edema and other physiological end points.” My own observation has been that clients with terrible incessant headaches from a head trauma from a car accident have had their headaches greatly reduced or completely eradicated by arnica.

Arnica is always my first defense after an injury especially when the cause is a blunt trauma and indications are bruising, worse from touch and better by cold application. This is truly a wonderful and inexpensive resource every family should have in their medicine cabinet!

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Homeopathic hCG Diet – Good or Bad?

Hello readers,

I’ve recently seen a couple of clients who have used homeopathic hCG to lose weight. It’s a big fad and there are diverse opinions about it. I believe the use of hCG in homeopathic form is not a good idea.

Here are some thoughts to chew on:

Homeopathic hCG is made in homeopathic fashion, but it is not used homeopathically. In other words, the hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is highly diluted and potentized according to homeopathic pharmaceutical practices. However, it is not used in the manner in which homeopathy is meant to be used, i.e. to address the totality of client symptoms.

Classical homeopaths, like myself, are trained to gather as many symptoms from the client as possible and then come up with one homeopathic remedy that addresses as much of the totality of those symptoms as possible. I don’t know what the clinical provings (trials) of hCG have shown its symptom picture to be, but I know that using it just for weight loss and not taking into account all the other aspects of the case is inadvisable due to possible side effects.

HCG Structure

One side effect I’ve personally seen is skin eruption. In fact, this website lists the following possible side effects:

  • Headache
  • Mild dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Rash
  • Leg cramps

This site states that rash and leg cramps are both rare. Two of my clients presented with a rash: one was shingles, which can be very uncomfortable and potentially serious; the other was a dry, scaly raised rash on the face. ­The client with shingles had also seen an acupuncturist and was told that her liver might be cleansing which may have caused the shingles. This client continued on the hCG diet until the conclusion a few days later. She suffered with shingles for roughly two weeks. The other client ceased using hCG immediately though the practitioner who suggested the diet stated the rash was innocuous and was caused by cleansing fat from the system.

What I know to be true is that homeopathic remedies, when used inappropriately, can cause “provings” of the remedy. This is when a symptom picture appears as a result of taking the remedy rather than the remedy helping to cure the symptoms. I don’t know if my two clients had “side effects” or a “proving” of the hCG remedy, but I do know that either is highly possible. For this reason, I do not endorse the use of hCG for dieting.

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Listening to Your Homeopath

Hello Dear Readers

As you know from my last post, I’ve been sick this week. Well, I just had a revelation while watching my umpteenth episode of Flashpoint that I want to share. Minutes before this insight I had taken a dose of Allium cepa (all-c) for my persisting cold symptoms and started to feel better quickly and I thought, “Wow, I feel a bit better. Huh. Well this is the remedy I started with last Tuesday. Why did I give up on it?”


I was reflecting on how I hadn’t been a good patient. I mentioned to my husband, Dennis, that I’ve had great results with my acute patients lately and asked why I couldn’t effectively treat myself.  I had taken all-c earlier in the week and it had helped. Then I got impatient and changed directions. My client notes (on myself) show that I took two other remedies before returning to what had worked initially: all-c. This is exactly what I tell my clients NOT to do. I tell them to be patient, to wait. It’s my job to interpret what a little tiny bit of progress means and whether they should stay the course with their remedy.

The Forest for the Trees…

Daintree Rainforest

By Adz at en.wikipedia[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons

But when treating myself I couldn’t see the case clearly. This is why it is unwise for homeopaths to treat themselves. But unfortunately my homeopath was out of the country when I became sick.This experience has made this rule very clear to me. It has also pointed out why it’s necessary to have someone like me in your corner when you fall sick. I can see the road-signs along the way; whether you are improving or declining, whether to repeat a dosage or not, whether to switch remedies.

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Being Sick

Good morning readers!

I have the opportunity to be sick today. I know, that sounds weird doesn’t it? But for someone in the health field it’s a good thing to experience what others go through. And, you know what? I’m practicing what I preach:

Be Sick!

What I mean by this is don’t fight it, don’t look for the miracle cure, do rest and give in to it. That doesn’t mean you’re letting the sickness win. Heaven’s no! It means that you are willing to take care of yourself. Stay in bed, stay warm, watch TV or read a book. But go slow, take care. The little phrase we say to each other unconsciously  “Take Care” actually means a lot. There’s a lot behind it. Think about it. Do you care for yourself? Do you give yourself time and space to BE? To take time for yourself? Okay, without going all “woo-woo” I think you get my drift.

Be Proactive

I also advise working proactively to rid yourself of your sickness. There are many things you can do to help yourself move towards health. Here are some ideas:

I have a cold…

Snuff and gargle warm salt water.

Take 1000 mg of Vitamin C an hour until a loose stool.

Take extra D3. 4-6000 IU a day.

Take echinacea and goldensea.

Take digestive enzymes on an empty stomach.

Take extra probiotics (not at the same time as the enzymes, as the enzymes will digest them).

Cut out wheat, dairy, sugar and white foods (white rice, potato).

Drink a ton of water.

Drink warm lemon water with agave and cayenne.

Call your homeopath.

I have a stomach bug…

Eat, drink clear liquids.

Take digestive enzymes on an empty stomach.

Take extra probiotics (not at the same time as the enzymes, as the enzymes will digest them).

Call your homeopath.

In the days and weeks ahead I’ll post more about caring for ourselves and how we can be proactive even before a sickness starts, but since I’m suffering a bit today and it’s very much on my mind, I thought I’d write these tidbits down.

Stay well and happy,


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