Listening to Your Homeopath

Hello Dear Readers

As you know from my last post, I’ve been sick this week. Well, I just had a revelation while watching my umpteenth episode of Flashpoint that I want to share. Minutes before this insight I had taken a dose of Allium cepa (all-c) for my persisting cold symptoms and started to feel better quickly and I thought, “Wow, I feel a bit better. Huh. Well this is the remedy I started with last Tuesday. Why did I give up on it?”


I was reflecting on how I hadn’t been a good patient. I mentioned to my husband, Dennis, that I’ve had great results with my acute patients lately and asked why I couldn’t effectively treat myself. ¬†I had taken all-c earlier in the week and it had helped. Then I got impatient and changed directions. My client notes (on myself) show that I took two other remedies¬†before returning to what had worked initially: all-c. This is exactly what I tell my clients NOT to do. I tell them to be patient, to wait. It’s my job to interpret what a little tiny bit of progress means and whether they should stay the course with their remedy.

The Forest for the Trees…

Daintree Rainforest

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But when treating myself I couldn’t see the case clearly. This is why it is unwise for homeopaths to treat themselves. But unfortunately my homeopath was out of the country when I became sick.This experience has made this rule very clear to me. It has also pointed out why it’s necessary to have someone like me in your corner when you fall sick. I can see the road-signs along the way; whether you are improving or declining, whether to repeat a dosage or not, whether to switch remedies.


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