• We listen.
  • We focus on the WHOLE person.
  • We use safe, natural medicines to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

Did you know the body has an innate ability to heal itself?
However, there are times when our body gets stuck and can’t recover on its own. If you feel you’ve tried everything and nothing is working, Homeopathy can help you. Call us today for a FREE 15 minute consultation.

Christina Richmond

Certified Classical Homeopath (CHom)
10 years practice
Christina is personally committed to helping others and to achieving greater health and balance herself.


1650 38th St #204w, Boulder, CO‎

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As a classical homeopath, Christina Richmond works to promote health for the person as a whole. Classical homeopathy is based on the principles that there must be balance, physically, emotionally, and mentally, in order for individuals to achieve health. A classical homeopath, also embraces the same principles that have been alive for centuries, that natural healing is the ability to restore balance and harmony to a person’s health through the use of very specific remedies. These remedies are found naturally in our world and can help us restore our balance from within.

Classical homeopathy accounted for one quarter of medicine use back in the early nineteenth hundreds, and through the years, it has helped millions of people find natural and holistic treatment to their ailments. Modern medicine has become mainstream, however, modern medicine can also have serious side effects and does not focus on the person as a whole, leaving some individuals at a loss.

At Richmond Homeopathy, we use classical homeopathy and focus our health care concentration on the whole person. Homeopathy is gentle and very sympathetic to the body’s needs.

If you believe you have tried it all, and if you feel like no one is listening to your health concerns, or if you are not satisfied with the side effects other treatments have brought on, call me for a FREE consultation.  I am a certified classical homeopath who can help!